Monday, June 23, 2008

Engagement Party!

I suck at taking pictures, is what it comes down to it.  The thing is, if you take pictures during your own party, you end up missing out on the party.  Since it was only 2 hours, I opted for only taking these pictures from a distance and then spent the time hanging out with everyone.

From a distance

One of the tables

I think it went really well!

The menu was cake, brownies, fruit, cookies, wine, soda and water.  The water was actually the most popular drink because it was quite hot.  I put out candles in my little pots I made in ceramics and flowers in the vases I made.  The candles worked out really well because they melted down and turned the pot into a candle!  So now I have useful little candles instead of stupid little useless pots.  I had my little ipod speakers playing in the background.

I think everyone had a nice time :)  It was laid back, mostly.  Someone asked if we were going to do toasts or something, but it's weird if we host a party and then make people toast us!  Someone else asked if we were going to have a cake, but again I thought it would be weird to have a party and buy our own cake so everyone could congratulate us.  SO... we had cake, but it was cut up and distributed around (I made the cake from a mix......... but I did make the icing myself, apparently I got a lot of compliments about it).

We started making a schedule for seeing people before we leave at the party.  I think we made 4 dates at the party!  Haha!  This was an engagement/going-away party so it was happy and sad at the same time.

It was only two hours but I think that was a good amount of time.  People came and went, a lot of people had apparently double-booked their evening!  But it was good, and I am glad we got to see everyone at least one more time before we head out.  Even my old roommate came by, and I haven't seen her in at least 7 or 8 months.

Yay :)


Hillel Lady said...

awww! I'm so sad I missed the party. It looks awesome.

Jenna said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading and I will be featuring a link to your blog on Sunday!