Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toronto Wedding Recap

Let me begin by saying it was actually very hard for me to capture this wedding on camera! First, I had never thought of taking pictures at other people's weddings until people did it for ours and I really appreciated it - so I decided from now on I am taking pictures at other people's weddings so that they can have pictures right away, without having to wait for the professional photographer to see how everything went (it goes so fast you barely remember anything!).

Second, my camera isn't the best and there were over 400 guests, meaning my vantage points were not always great. I had to zoom in quite a bit and tried not to use the flash (so not to be disruptive) so the quality is somewhat grainy.

Yes! You heard me - over 400 guests! It was pretty amazing.

Anyway, on to the pictures...

JewishGuy was asked to be one of the witnesses on the ketubah, so here he is about to sign it next to the bride and groom.

This is the chuppah from where I was sitting - I did get pretty close! But no aisle, so no good shots for me. It is a simple chuppah that only looks more complicated because of the decorative twigs on the poles.

The bride circles the groom 3 times in this wedding. I hadn't heard of the tradition of circling 3 times (as opposed to 7, which is what I did). In a way it was kind of good she only had to go around 3 times because her long beautiful train was actually wrapping around the groom's legs!

A better shot of the chuppah with the bride and groom's heads.

The hall was so beautiful! The centerpieces looked like trees growing up from the tables with lanterns and flowers. The lanterns were little tea lights that flickered in the trees and looked like fireflies or stars floating above people's heads during the reception.

Close-up of the centerpieces.

First dance :) (although this happened much later in the evening, like around 10pm!).

It is a tradition in Canadian weddings to have lots of speeches, so I've heard. At our wedding, JewishGuy's family gave speeches and my parents gave short toasts. So at this wedding, there were speeches, and the bride and groom each have 3 siblings, so it was quite a speech procession! The best man (also one of JewishGuy's friends) gave a speech that was also a song, backed up by another groomsman on the guitar. Hilarious! Also at this wedding, taking a cue from ours, was a scotch bar, which JewishGuy happily enjoyed - as did many of their friends (I drove a full car of people home that night!).

It was a great time! I am excited that I have two more weddings this summer to document, one more friend's wedding in September and my cousin in August!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding in Toronto

We just got back from a wedding in Toronto! Okay, so I haven't really even blogged about my own wedding now that it's over (waiting on some pictures which should be here soon!), but I thought I would post a photo from this wedding:

More later! I'll keep promising that and one day I will actually write more!