Monday, June 16, 2008

Entertaining Thoughts (re: dress)

I am beginning to seriously entertain the thought of a custom-made dress. I have a feeling I am going to be too picky to find something in a salon or too weary to go to many, many department stores looking for the right evening gown that happens to be in stock when I am there. JewishGuy's cousin suggested this to me a while ago and now I am reading about it on various blogs.

My thoughts:
  • PRO: I would be able to get the exact dress I want; CON: I don't know exactly what I want (I assume if I come in with pictures and drawings we would be able to work something out, if I find a good seamstress)
  • PRO: I can take my time working on the dress because the wedding isn't until March - getting a custom-made dress means I won't be tied to the fashion "seasons;" CON: it will be a lot more involved than simply trying on a dress and going, this is it! Although, that is also a PRO, I think.
  • PRO: I would be supporting a local businessperson, rather than a large company, which I like. CON: I probably will have to pick someone based entirely on their portfolio rather than ratings I find on the internet, which I have come to depend on.
  • PRO: It may not be as expensive as most bridal salons, and I will get exactly what I want. CON: It will still be more expensive than an evening gown.
I think the PROs outweigh the CONs, so maybe I will start looking into this after we move to Chicago. This also takes a lot of stress off of me to find something while the summer/spring dresses are still out.

I don't know yet, but this is sounding like a better and better option. :)

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