Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bridal Hair Dos

I have short hair and that's not going to change.  I am not going to grow out my hair, suffer from the mid-length in-between hair-cut woes just so one day of my life I can have an updo.  And anyway, I don't like updos.  And I don't think I look great with long hair.

I was browsing Googleimages for pictures of short bridal hairdos and basically all I saw was "stick a headband in it" or "stick a tiara in it."  That's fine, I guess that is the only option.  I'd have my hair cut and styled and then I would stick a headband or a tiara in it.  Except, I don't want a regular bridal headband or tiara.

Both of these things are not exactly what I want, but both of these sellers custom-make bridal headpieces.

I don't know how these will fit in the picture re: the veil, but that's not so important in the brainstorming phase.  Also, since I don't have my dress yet, I can't really make serious decisions about accessories. But I wonder if one of these head pieces, when combined with a button bouquet, might make me look more hodge-podge than cute.  I may have to choose one or the other.