Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bridesmaids Kits

For the past couple of days I have been assembling/creating a Bridesmaid Kit. I am kind of dorky so I got really excited about putting together a packet for my bridesmaids. I'm giving one to YoungerJew (my Man of Honor), even though most of it is about dresses. Ha!

Here is what is included in the kit:

- A little thank-you note for being my bridesmaid!
- An information packet about the dresses, dates for the wedding events, and a Jewish wedding crash course.
- A color palette to use as a guide when picking out dresses (or for future reference, like if they have an idea for decorating or whatever). I didn't give YoungerJew a color palette for two reasons: 1) he isn't picking out a dress, I will just give him a matching tie/boutonniere; and 2) he can't see colors, so it wouldn't mean much. :-P He said I should have slipped him a grayscale palette... ah! that would have been funny, but I am not that clever apparently. We keep joking about how I'm going to put him in a pink suit or something and tell him it's gray.

Anyway, I also kept a color palette for myself. I just went and got paint samples and cut them up and then tied the colors together - it's pocket-sized so they can take it in their purse when they go dress shopping... YES I am a super nerd!

Here is the palette:

You know I can't have a simple color theme as to have two colors... of COURSE I must be more difficult. But I think these colors are related to each other enough that it will make sense when everything is said and done. The main colors are the yellow, brown and green, with highlights of pink and blue. It's very springy :) Ideally, CankeyB would be in yellow, DesignerChick would be in green, and HillelLady would be in brown. Then I'd want to accessorize in blue and light pink, like have one accessory tie everyone together.

Making decisions, moving along, woowoo.

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Hillel Lady said...

I really LOVE this. You are too funny. yay!