Monday, July 7, 2008

Engagement Party! (not mine!) & Status

This weekend we went to my friends' engagement party in Chicago!  We joked about my blogging the party so here I am, blogging it.

I am really glad that we got to go to the party.  It was really nice, everyone was so friendly and warm.  It was great to see my friend again and meet his fiance :)   They're not actually living in Chicago so it was funny that we happened to be here exactly in time to go to their party.

One day I will post again about wedding plans, but we just moved across the country and we're about to go to a wedding this week so everything is crazy.  However, soon I will update everyone with the Shabbat menu for our wedding weekend!  Yes, the menu is already planned, how exciting.  (That is the menu for the weekend, not for the wedding itself.)

So this post was more like a, where-have-I-been-for-the-last-week-or-two, so there you have it...

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