Monday, July 21, 2008

Potential Invitations..!!!

This is a long shot... BUT.

Today I just had an interview to be a studio assistant for a woman who makes items with cute little illustrations on them - items like pillows, sketchbooks, bags, ceramic things like cups and pendants.  The interview went really well, so hopefully I will get the job.

Anyway, she has a background in letterpress and actually has a 102 year old letterpress in her studio.  She said she would show me how to use it and I could play around with it!  She said she would be happy for someone to use it, since she almost never gets a chance to use it anymore.  At the end of the interview, she joked about making things for my wedding - LIKE INVITATIONS - and giving me an employee discount. (I'm telling you, the interview went really well!)

So I'm thinking, if she shows me how to do the letterpress then maybe I could even make the invitations myself, or at least design them exactly how I want and have her make them!

I really want the job... they kept talking about what I "will" be doing, rather than what I "would" be doing, which I take as a good sign.  Plus there was a lot of laughter and it was really laid back.  And she loves robots!

Here's hoping!

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Kim said...

Wow, very exciting -both about the job and the letterpress. Letterpress is so elegant and you can do so much with it. Keep us updated.