Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wedding Tonight!

Tonight is JewishGuy's friend's wedding :)  I am excited because I think it will be really fun, I am going to get super dressed up (I bought a really nice dress just for the occasion) and JewishGuy is going to get drunk and I'm going to go to my first Jewish wedding.

Well, that's not entirely true, I have been to two other Jewish weddings.  However, one was a second marriage, so it was small, and also I was pretty young so I don't remember most of it.  The second one was not a traditional wedding (from what I can remember, I was also pretty young) so it wasn't much different than a secular wedding.

From my understanding, this one will be fairly traditional, but we'll see.

The only part of the evening I'm somewhat worried about is the kabbalat panim, when the bride and groom welcome guests separately - ie: boys and girls are in different rooms.  This wouldn't be an issue except I only know JewishGuy's friends and all of them are male, which means they will all be in the other room.  It only lasts an hour and JewishGuy said he would introduce me to some ladies before disappearing for drinks and heckling, so it should be fine.

After that we'll be together for the rest of the evening, or at least most of it (I assume he'll be doing a lot of drinking and merrymaking with his friends, as it's basically a university reunion).  I am, of course, the designated driver.  I'm always the designated driver because I very, very rarely drink to get drunk.  We also have a long drive back to Chicago tomorrow morning so I will be taking the early shift so he can be hung over a little.

Will report back later!


Kim said...

was the wedding where they played "yall ready for this?" a jewish wedding?? hilarious

JewishGal said...

Haha it wasn't.