Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yay wedding!

Today, JewishGuy and I went to the wedding of friends of ours.  The whole thing was beautiful, lasted about 10 hours (total) and was a ton of fun.  It started with a catholic mass - it was really interesting.  At one point they told people to turn to their neighbors and say "Christ be with you."  But I wasn't paying attention, so when this person turned to me, I thought she was saying hi so I said, "Nice to meet you!"  Well, who knows what she was saying, but I think she was probably saying the Christ-related line because she definitely was catholic.  The ceremony was in the chapel of the university near here, where they met, and it was really pretty.  I thought the priest was great, he had some good lines in his sermon, and the whole ceremony was beautiful.

Then we went to an art gallery for their reception.  It was fantastic!  First of all, it was very simple and pretty.  The downstairs had long white banquet tables with lots candles and vases filled with limes.  Everyone's name was placed at their seat - the name cards were sticking out of a wine bottle cork.  It was very cute. :)  There was also a small outside patio with a few tables and chairs, lit up by a lamp and christmas lights.

Upstairs we had hors d'oeuvres and, later, dancing.  This was a good space as well.  There was plenty of room for dancing and there were small white tables for sitting while eating.

A lot of the prettiness of the decor came from the space itself, being in an art gallery there were a lot of really nice paintings everywhere that really matched the feel of the whole wedding.  The dinner was cool, with an "open mic" kind of toasting that was really fun.  People stood up and said things about the bride and groom if they wanted once the official speeches were over.  It was very laid back and I really liked it.  The groom gave a very moving speech (JewishGuy told him he set the bar too high).

Also, they made their own wedding cake, which was especially delicious.  It was a chocolate cake with a kind of buttercream frosting (I think?).  The frosting was perfect because I hate sugary frosting.  This was just subtly sweet and creamy.  Very nice.

JewishGuy and I had an amazing time.  We even danced!  JewishGuy is a terrible dancer but so am I so I guess it worked out all right - this was the first time we had danced since when we met on the birthright trip 5 1/2 years ago!

(Also we took some limes from the centerpieces haha)

*EDIT* Plus then we went to the after party at the hotel, which was a great addition to the reception.  We wore jeans and drank wine and got yelled at by the hotel probably 8 times in 2 hours for being "too loud" even though we were just talking.  I love the idea of an after-party and JewishGuy and I were talking about how we should have something like this, too, like just for a few good friends and out-of-towners before they head out for their early morning flights the next day.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i haven't finished reading the entire post but i had to comment...about 'chris be with you'/ 'nice to meet you'

LOL i cracked up.

its 'peace be with you'



JewishGal said...

haha, see, then the person who told me what happened afterwards also wasn't paying very close attention!