Monday, April 7, 2008

More Centerpiece Prettiness

More ideas...

I really like gerbera daisies (they're in two of these pictures I think - the bottom two). I think they are very simple but bright and happy and have enough stage presence to stand alone in a vase. I also like the idea of white flowers with colorful vases.

I was talking to my Maid of Honor, CankeyB, and she sent me some information from her sister about decorations and flowers. Apparently Costco sells flowers in bulk for pretty cheap! This is exciting, especially if I want to only use one or two different kinds of flowers. I can buy lots of interesting, colorful vases and use the same flowers in each and keep my costs down (this way we can justify splurging on the food a little, maybe?). I will also dress it up with some candles and what have you. Hooray, that's exciting. I think I've pretty much set my mind on finding vases at the thrift store and putting together the centerpieces myself.

And now, for the picture of the centerpiece that not only would I never use, I would be very upset to go to a wedding to find this:

Look, I know fish are bad pets. I hate fish. They're messy and require a lot of work to take care of (the cleaning and the filters and the blah blah carnivorous snails blah blah). I have had them as pets and I think they are the dumbest pets ever and are really more like living art than pets - I have no patience for pets that just sit and do their thing and don't really interact with me. However, messy living art they may be, I don't see how they are disposable like flowers for a wedding!


Hillel Lady said...

fish! fish! so pretty! They sometimes had these centerpieces at my shul, with those beta fish (is that the same as siamese fighting fish? yes?) at the bottom of a vase with a large leafy plant. It was really pretty and kind of unexpected, and all the little kids took the fish home. Oh, wait, you aren't having little kids there, right? So maybe no fish. but so pretty!

JewishGal said...

Ahhh I think it's really bad to use fish in a centerpiece! What do you do with all of them after? What about those kids' parents who didn't want their kids to have fish? That happened to me when I was little - I won fish at a purim carnival at my shul and my parents were so mad! Fish aren't plants or flowers or candles, they shouldn't be used in centerpieces :(