Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Ideas

Here are some ideas I got (or things that I knew about before but saw in action) at the wedding this weekend to note for future reference.

  1. The bridesmaids didn't have the same dresses, not even the same dresses in different colors.  When I was looking at websites that do bridesmaids dresses, one of the places I liked the most was a place that made custom dresses.  They would all be similar in fabric and length but would have different tops to flatter my bridal party as best as possible.  I have seen sites where they talk about letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses in a pre-determined palette.  I really wasn't sure how that would look because it would just be a hodgepodge of styles and colors.  However, even though all the bridesmaids wore different dresses, they were all green and knee-length - they also all wore white wraps in the chapel.  I think this looked just as nice as making them all wear the same dress, plus they all chose dresses that they liked and would wear again.  I think I could do this for my bridesmaids, but I would have to have a few stipulations like length, sexiness, boldness of pattern, and palette.  I would like them to be wearing relatively modest (ie: not boobalicious, but strapless is OK), knee-length dresses with either a subtle or no pattern in the color palette of the wedding.  I wouldn't want a really bold hibiscus print, halter-top dress on one of my bridesmaids, I think that would be just a little too distracting.  The unifying thing would be the length and maybe I would have them wear wraps during the ceremony like at the wedding this weekend.

  2. The centerpieces were simple, but pretty (and probably not very expensive!).  They didn't use any flowers anywhere in the decoration, except for using the bridesmaids' bouquets on the buffet table.  You really don't need a magnificent centerpiece to set the mood of the table.  Actually, one funny thing about having the limes was that some people took them from the centerpiece and cut them up to put in their drinks!  I thought this was perfect.  The only problem is now they have about 5lb of limes to get rid of.  I think I would still like to use flowers, maybe, but local, in-season ones (these are probably the cheapest).  Also, the vases they used only cost about $3/each, or so the groom told me.  So centerpieces can certainly be very inexpensive but still look very nice. 

  3. I really do like the long, skinny tables more than the big round ones.  I know it's probably not possible to have that at the venue JewishGuy and I like, but it really made a difference (I thought).  We were able to talk to people on the other side of the table, on all sides, etc.  We had a pretty big conversation going at one point.  This wouldn't have been possible at a giant round 8-12 seater, because you can really only talk to the people directly next to you - the people across the table are too far away and the people sitting two people down are also too far away!  Especially at a sit-down dinner (that we are hoping for), where people will be sitting in one place for a while as their food is served, I would really prefer that they be able to talk to more than just the people to their right and left.  It's not the end of the world if this doesn't happen, it's just my preference.  Also, despite what JewishGuy says, it wasn't that hard to get up and dance with the rectangle tables the way that these were set up.

  4. It's really a party, not a gallery!  You know what, I really thought the reception was beautiful in the little art gallery, but what made it fun wasn't the decoration or the place, but the people and the dancing.  So although I have a strong, strong, strong preference not to use a hotel ballroom (as anything in there will really feel like just a dressed up USY convention or bar mitzvah), I think anywhere we go will be fun.  For the music, they just used an ipod and made a few playlists, hooked it up to speakers and we had a blast.  One of their friends was the emcee and he did a good job.  I feel like if it's not possible to get a live band, an ipod playlist is way better than a DJ.

  5. You don't have to give out party favors.  We were talking about this after the party.  There weren't any favors this weekend - unless you count the limes - and nobody was like, man I wish I had some kind of thing to take home and throw away from this wedding!  In fact, I thought it was very nice - I never really know what to do with those things.  We just kept the program from the ceremony :)  We will already be spending a lot of money on making the party fun and the food delicious, not to mention the Shabbat we are planning for the out-of-towners, what's the point in giving everyone a little thing that they'll throw out as soon as they get home?  (Or maybe they will keep it in a drawer and throw it out later)  I think this is a good mindset because I really can't think of anything to give out that won't be silly.  Although I have seen some people give out bubbles at weddings, like little bubble bottles, and we were supposed to blow bubbles on them as they walked away or something.  So the bubbles were kind of like the favors.  I think that's the only kind of favor I would want to give out.

  6. After parties are the shiz!  We are definitely, definitely planning an after party!  It was really great because we got to continue the party, eat some more food and hang out in jeans.  I think this will be perfect because I know there will be people who will be tired at 10pm, but I also know there will be people who will want to keep on partying.  This will make it hard for us to wake up in the morning for the breakfast for the out-of-towners, but whatever!
That's all I can think of for now! (haha)


Anonymous said...

i will send u a glassware website that had a lot of choices that my sister used for her own wedding.



Hillel Lady said...

1. I want to wear the brown dress still.

2. I think the afterparty should have tacos.

JewishGal said...

Well, you can be the one to find kosher tacos at midnight. :P