Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Is that something I'm allowed to post about here, too? :-P

For my bat mitzvah, we had turquoise suede kippot.  I don't know that I want to use leather again, even though it's nice, and I definitely don't want to use satin or velvet (those never fit right).

So I thought to myself, do they make custom knit kippot?

And, well, they do!

Here are some nice ones:

I don't know if the second one would be too busy.  I really like it.  I think this would be something that JewishGuy would have final say on, though, since he would be the one wearing it.

But I like the idea of having knit kippot because I think it increases the chances of people wearing it on a regular basis, not just stuffing it into the kippah drawer in their dining room for guests to wear when they come over for Shabbat.  YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A KIPPAH DRAWER (or maybe it's a basket, but don't pretend you don't have one).

The knit ones aren't actually that expensive, either!  I think they might even be the same price as some of the velvet or satin ones.

It's just the same thing as the favors.  I don't want to give out favors and neither does JewishGuy, but if we did give out favors I wouldn't want it to be something people throw away as soon as they get home.  There is a good chance people will take the kippot home, that's just how it works.  So if we are going to spend money on something people are going to take home, I don't want them to just toss it in a drawer to pull out at some random time when Uncle Shmuely comes to town.


Hillel Lady said...

maybe you can get kippot with pokemon knit into the design. Or robots or elmo or something.

Anonymous said...

ohh haha the kippot drawer...you GOT me!

mine's overflowing!


Daphna said...

lol, we've got at least one drawer too :)

I just saw a book full of kippa designs. It was for hand crocheted ones though. Never tried that before.