Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Dress: When to buy?

I started thinking about this when a) I was looking at white evening gowns instead of wedding gowns this week; and b) I asked CankeyB to come with me shopping (which will have to be in June when I am visiting).

I am wondering if I should buy my dress in June or if I should wait until later. theknot.com suggests buying it in June, which I guess is only 9 months away and then that would be out of my mind. And I was thinking June might be a good time because the springy/summery dresses will be on sale and the fall/winter dresses will be coming in - whereas if I wait until December to go shopping, I might have only a selection of wintery dresses and will end up having to go to - and depend on - a bridal shop. If I shop in June, I could go to both a bridal shop or two and some stores with white evening gowns.

The only real reason not to go shopping in June is I don't want to change my mind sometime between June and March!