Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Centerpiece/Decoration Inspiration

Now this might be too expensive for centerpieces, although they would make wonderful gifts (and I would probably love to take them home, maybe I would go around stealing them before people could take them from me).

Dinosaur Designs makes really awesome jewelry, housewares, etc, from resin - not just resin, but that's the stuff I like - and I think it's beautiful.  I just love how each vase in this picture has a different shape and quality to the material.  And with vases like these, you really don't need anything more than these little flowers they've put in them to dress them up!  

Of course, each little vase costs at least $50, SO.... that's probably not going to happen realistically.  But they are certainly beautiful.

Their glasswork is also pretty amazing.

Wow, who knew I had such expensive taste...

I'd like to get a similar effect from vases from the thrift store or from clearance vase sales or something like that.

(I wish we could somehow put things like this on our registry!)


Anonymous said...

too bad you weren't in bridezilla mode when you were taking your pottery course - you could have made the vases!

JewishGal said...