Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Invitation Inspiration

I just love the way letterpress stationary looks. LOVE.

On one hand I really want to draw our own invitations and have them printed, but on the other hand... LOOK AT THE PRETTY.


(These designs are from White Aisle)

Just. So. Pretty.

I am wondering if they are a little too formal, though. It's so simple and white, plus our wedding will be in the evening, it might look so formal that people will dress up too much for the semi-formal dress code.

Of the above pictures, I especially like the one I gave the detail image on - those are cherry blossoms! I have some stationary with a similar design. :)

Friends of ours made their own invitations and they look very nice. They actually have a similar look to these invitations, but I am sure they were a lot cheaper (even factoring in the cost of the new printer, but a printer is useful not just for printing invitations, so I don't think it was a myopic investment). They printed their own invitations and then used stamps to add flourishes and I really like them! I would love to do the same thing, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea - we are inviting about twice the number of people as they did, and they said it took them hours and hours to do.

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Anonymous said...

i dont find the flowers too formal at all - simply very pretty....; and anyway, you should have invitations that you love, word can surely get out about the desired level of formality (or more to the point,lack thereof....)