Sunday, March 30, 2008


One of the things that I'd really like is if we got married in a place with a lot of character, and if it has to be inside it would be in a place with lots of windows.

So here is one of my favorite places so far:

And this would be where the ceremony would have to be held if it were inside (I think):

And this would be where the party would be held:

How pretty is that?

I am not in love with this place because I haven't seen it in person so I don't know if it would realistically work for what we need to do for the ceremony and reception (I think we need 5 rooms, two large, two medium and one small I think).

It is a very nice place... something really pretty with lots of windows, relatively neutral decor that can go with many types of themes and colors and options for outside ceremonies.  Personally, I would love it if the whole thing were outdoors, in which case it wouldn't much matter the venue itself, rather the scenery.  If we were on the patio of a really nice house or small venue, that would be very nice, especially for an evening wedding (plenty of opportunities for fun lighting).  However, JewishGuy has stated his preference is to not depend on outside ceremonies and receptions because the weather is finicky.  Most people get around this by having tents but I don't know how I feel about a tent versus simply being in a pretty room.  I'd probably rather be in a pretty room with windows than a tent.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, to be honest!  It keeps changing every day.  I know what I don't want, which is to be in a room with no windows at the bottom floor of a hotel - no matter how well it's decorated according to my theme, the back of my head will always ring with, "this looks like a dressed up USY convention." (USY is a Jewish youth group that I was involved in not only as a teenager but also as an advisor)

However, I would be all right with a very nice outside courtyard or patio at a hotel, but then come the issues with weather and all of that.  I just really like the idea of having something simple, without being too dressy or flamboyant.  I like the picture of the room but I don't much like the tables being all sparkly and meh.

I wish I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do so I could share it with JewishGuy and he could tell me what in that picture he likes and what we can actually pull off!

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