Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beautiful Colors

I am just in love with this cake. What can I do? It's so pretty, I must have it for my own.

It's just so pretty! I think looking at this picture was what made me decide on my colors - which, by the way, are now back to bright yellows, spring greens and chocolate brown with pink highlights. And March 29 means it will be during the Cherry Blossom Festival! Look at these pretty pictures of cherry blossoms!

(I took these pictures at the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2005)

How could you not want to incorporate that into a wedding?


otherjew said...

omg i can't believe that it's been less than a week and you're already freaking out about wedding plans!

otherjew said...

but i do love that cake too, btw

JewishGal said...

Not freaking out about wedding plans, other than the date and the reception hall, but those need to be taken care of right now. This is just where I post my ideas and things I want/would like to have :)

alexandra said...

You need to find these in pink|1||CATEGORY_SEQ_3023|0/N/1100426/Nty/1/view/10000/

JewishGal said...

ahh, that link didn't work, what was it? which lights?