Monday, March 31, 2008

Engagement Partay!!!

JewishGuy and I decided to have an engagement party!  It's exciting because a lot of people from here probably aren't going to make it to the wedding, so we still wanted to celebrate with them somehow.  We don't have a ton of money to do this with, so we are going to go with a simple and cute dessert party :)

I've arranged to reserve the courtyard in our apartment complex that has nice shrubbery, trees and a pretty nice fountain.  It's lit up at night by small post lights in the shrubbery and lights in the fountain, and there are a few tables and chairs (and we can drag some chairs over from the pool in the other courtyard but I assume most people will be standing most of the time).

I am thinking of making little lights to put on the tables to add a little more light but to also be our decorations.  I want to do something simple, like really just going to the thrift store and picking up some old vases and then sticking candles in them.  I want the effect to look like a combination of these:

I think that could be really pretty.  Like not quite as polished as the top one (also not hanging), but not quite as childish as the bottom one.  And on the tables would be different (covered) bowls of cookies, cakes, and other desserts, plus wines and other drinks. 

That plus a little light music... I think that could be very nice!

I am going to hand-draw invitations and then take them to kinko's to be sent out to everyone as soon as I get all of the addresses I need.  We are going to invite a pretty large crowd, so I think it will be fun.  I am going to wear a dress :)

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