Friday, March 28, 2008

Pretty Centerpieces: Green Pt1

I am not really into ridiculously elaborate (or expensive) decorations. When I had a garden party at my apartment that had a back yard - ah, to have a back yard again - my only decorations were Christmas lights strung around the perimeter and I think it looked very nice and cozy. It was also practical because we actually had no other lights back there.

So as I tour for reception ideas, I think it shouldn't be surprising that the things I like are the smallest, easiest, simplest things that I think would look very pretty. Here are a couple of green-centric center pieces.

I like the idea of using grass. First of all, using grass, it's possible that the florist reuses the centerpieces, which means we wouldn't be buying all of these expensive, fresh-cut flowers that we'd use once and then store in the apartment for a while and then eventually have to throw out. (I'm not saying I don't want fresh-cut flowers, I do! But maybe not all over the place)

I also like grass because it is incredibly spring-y! But it might be hard to pull off, I may need a professional to help with that.

This is just a really cute idea. I think I could one-up this photo if I just had each table with a different kind of funky vase and small flowers. And the nice thing is that afterwards, I can keep the nice little vases and actually reuse them!

This is a similar idea as the one above, except that along with little pretty flowers she also used rosemary! Well, in this picture it looks like sage, but in the description on theknot they talked about how they used different herbs in the centerpieces. I think that is a great idea! If you're going to have a small, simple centerpiece, why not have it be fragrant in a way that may not set off allergies? (Also, um, THEN I GET TO KEEP THE SPICES AND USE THEM!) I'm not suggesting using a ton of herbs, just as part of the little bouquet.

And if you're going to go into using edible centerpieces, why not go all the way and put out some fruit? I think this looks very nice and romantic. However, I think one problem might be that people will not take any apples home and we will be stuck with apples.

These are just the green ideas. I will also have yellow and brown ideas, as well as ideas on incorporating pink somehow.


otherjew said...

i love all of those! would you use some of your own pottery as centerpieces too?

JewishGal said...

that's actually a really good idea! Maybe I would use some of my own work, assuming some of it is good. Probably nothing I'd make right now, but next semester at school I am sure I could make some interesting things.

Anonymous said...

:( the comments i leave here from LJ aren't showing up on blogger :( :( :(99999999999999999999


JewishGal said...

Yeah you have to comment directly onto here :( it's super annoying.