Monday, March 31, 2008

Offsetting Cynicism with Dresses!

I think a lot of my frustration came from trying to do something spectacularly unique.  Instead of that, I would just like to make it look pretty.

So to offset the cynicism of my previous post...

How pretty is this dress???  I loove it.

A lot of the prettiest dresses I am seeing are sleeveless, so one issue I am going to have is figuring out how to cover my shoulders (or whether I think it's even necessary to do that).  I would cover my shoulders for the ceremony if I would do it at all, but I haven't decided if I really have to do that.

I also like this dress:

I think it's very pretty, too.  I've really liked the bottom one for a long time (ie: the whole week I have been engaged), but the top one might look nicer on me - especially with flats.  Even though it's an evening wedding, whatever!

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