Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So It Begins

There was a little bit of drama today. Now that the original excitement of the announcement has settled a little (it's only been 4 days, though!), we can focus on getting down to business.

The Date.

JewishGuy and I have been emailing The Imahot (the mothers) about the date. Originally, we were thinking June 2009. Then we thought, that is way too far away. So we wanted September. We were informed September was no good and too soon. Then we thought March. March 29. March 29 is only a week from Passover, so there is a significant number of people who won't be able to come.

So then I had a little frustrated moment and decided that, well, I am all right with a winter wedding after all and December might be all right. I would have to change my colors from yellow, green and chocolate brown with pink highlights to icy blue, green and chocolate brown with orange highlights. Don't freak out about the orange. This is the image (of the colors) in my head:

I took this picture in December 2002. So the green isn't here, but I think this shows you how nicely the orange goes with the light blue and the brown.

OK, so here's hoping the December date will work out. I might have to have a little tantrum, shaking my fists and stomping. Wah!


Hillel Lady said...

blue and brown are lovely! and I get to be brown! I love it!

grumpy38yearold said...

is brown based on my idea of having the chupah on the track at pimlico -- brown shoes, no high heels?

JewishGal said...

yes... yes... exactly, grumpy38yearold... WHOEVER YOU ARE! :)