Monday, May 12, 2008


I am either going to make JewishGuy's tallit or I am going to buy one for him when I am in Israel. I'm leaving a ton of space in my bag to carry all the things I bring home - I am literally packing economically (only bringing about 5-6 days' worth of clothing, a compact towel, using hippie toiletries to maximize multiple use soaps, etc) so that I can shop shop shop for things for the wedding, among other things.

I really like the idea of making his tallit, but I am not an amazing seamstress so I would rather buy him something awesome that would last a long time than spend a long time making something that would start to fall apart at the seams after a few years. Also, I bet I could find some amazing tallitot in Tsfat, hand made by someone in the artist's colony, for not very much money!

The reason I am buying him a tallit is because he follows the tradition of not wearing one until he is married, so I want it to be a present from me. :)

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