Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun with Lists

Wow it is hard making a guest list.  We came up with a first draft of the guest list of just JewishGuy's and my friends today - mostly because we were concerned with the weekend events involving food.  Some of our guests are religious and coming from out of town, so we will be providing meals for them and services at the hotel throughout Shabbat.  That means we have to know how many people to expect to feed for those meals and how much space to rent at the hotel.  While we were at it, we made a list of our friends who will be eating on Sunday (well, we separated it into "maybe," "probably," and "unlikely.")

It's a pretty long list!  Right now it looks like around 20-25 of our friends will be there for the weekend and around 35 for the wedding!  I think we are looking to invite about 55 friends to the wedding, total.  Our friends list doesn't include our parents' friends and their (our-age) children, or family.

What sparked this new progress was developments in the catering and hotel arranging department.  I have only heard through JewishGuy (after talks with his mom on the phone), but it sounds like we are going to go with this caterer, which has been highly recommended by pretty much everyone we know in the area, even though we haven't tasted the food yet.  It also sounds like the hotel is going to be really flexible with us about blocking off rooms since we are renting conference rooms for meals and services - as in, instead of charging us a percentage of the costs of the rooms we can't use once we've blocked them off, we'll be able to cancel them 3 weeks in advance with no (?) charge.  That's fantastic news and a big sigh of relief, considering we are blocking off rooms in DC during the cherry blossom festival!

Things are falling into place, at least some of the major things.  Although, because I don't want to jinx it, AHH EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART AND NOTHING IS GOING RIGHT RAH RAH RAH :( :( :(

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