Tuesday, May 6, 2008

China Patterns

I would love to have plates that look like this

Or maybe some other things from Laura Zindel.  I have always loved pretty much everything on this website and I keep forgetting to bookmark it.  Not this time!  I want this whole collection.  JewishGuy says his sister would never eat at our place with bugs on the dishes but I think they are neat.

We are having some difficulty finding dishes we like.  There are some things that are all right on the websites, but nothing too exciting.  I think we've come to the decision that we won't register for dishes, at least for now, since there's no point in registering for dishes we aren't enthusiastic about.  The dishes we have right now are fine, so I don't really want someone to spend money on new dishes that are "eh" just because.  I think we will still register for the fancypants dishes, though.


Daphna said...

Those plates are so pretty!

Hillel Lady said...

not going to lie, the bugs FREAK me out! Some of them are really pretty, but some of the bugs are so... graphic. And scary.

grumpy38yearold said...

as long as you remember to scrub your lettuce