Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funny Wedding Expectation

Until a few years ago, I'd only been to two weddings in my whole life.  Therefore, most of my wedding experience came from the movies, and you know how weddings are in the movies.  Something terrible always happens - someone objects, someone crashes into something, the bride doesn't show, or something else.  Every single wedding in the movie has some kind of catastrophe (unless it's at the end of the movie, in which case it's really pretty and perfect).

So when I started going to weddings of cousins, friends, friends-of-friends, the first few were interesting for me.  I sat there waiting for something to happen.  I wasn't consciously waiting but I remember when they ended I would think to myself, "wow that was easy!"

I think most weddings happen without much difficulty, though.


Anonymous said...

i think there is also something else - you are so happy and so filled with celebration that little things wont bother you even if they do go wrong -

JewishGal said...

i think/hope that's how it will be! i was talking to my friend who recently got married and she didn't even remember certain things happening. you're just so swept up in it (that's why we need a good photographer haha)