Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yesterday JewishGuy and I went to register for presents.  For some reason we thought Macy's and B3 (Bed Bath & Beyond) would be a good combo for registries - I don't know why we thought that.  Listen up, anyone who is reading this who is thinking of doing this combo...

We spent 3 exhausting hours at Macy's going through everything on the floor and painstakingly picking everything up, putting it down, not feeling 100% about it, registered for it anyway (we can edit the registry online), etc.  It took forever.  They didn't give us a catalogue or anything to look through, we just had to look through the store, so it really took forever and we didn't even get halfway through before we were exhausted and needed to go get a snack.  We turned in the ray gun and left to get a snack and continue on.

Then we went to B3 hoping to look at some extra kitchen things we couldn't find at Macy's.  WELL.  Apparently they had everything - they had these huge catalogues with the same dishes and everything else we saw at Macy's and more, plus we weren't limited by only getting things from the Martha Stewart collection.

The person we worked with at B3 said that it often happens that people will come in after already registering somewhere else and then think, why didn't I just come here first?  Well, that's what we were saying, and we were somewhat frustrated that we spent 3 hours at Macy's!  And we just can't figure out why we really wanted to register at Macy's anyway.  I guess we just assumed you couldn't get fine china through B3, but you can, it's through their catalogue - not only can you get fine china through B3, it's the same exact china that we saw at Macy's, probably the same china you see in many stores.  That's what happens when you assume!

Anyway, the registry is a perfect project for JewishGuy.  I think he is more excited about it than I am.  I mean, I love presents and registering for fun kitchen gadgets (go go gadget stand mixer!), but he is really going nuts with the kitchen stuff.   Today I came home and he told me about all the things he added to our registry while I was away and how he had organized everything and whatnot.

So here are the fun parts about the registering process:

We got to use a ray gun!  Very fun.  It's not actually shaped like a gun - they really should have made it look more like a gun like in Star Wars.  You just aim and fire and it shows up on your registry online.  JewishGuy did the shooting (it seems like it's usually the groom's job).

JewishGuy and I have very similar tastes, we basically know exactly what we want when we see it, so there wasn't really any conflict on anything.  That wasn't really surprising but it was really nice, especially since both the woman at Macy's and the man at B3 joked about the fights that break out!

All in all, I'm disappointed that we lost 3 hours of our very busy week, but it was a learning experience and now we are kind of reorganizing the way we're doing this registry.  It's easier if you think about it first, apparently...

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