Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weird Gift Dream: Pyrex?

I had a dream that, for our wedding, someone gifted us with a new Pyrex bowl that had one of their awesome vintage patterns:

I used to drool over the awesome old patterned Pyrex bowls at the thrift store.  The problem?  You can't kasher Pyrex.  IE: No vintage Pyrex on our registry (unless the previous owner kept kosher).  If only they made them new with those patterns. :(

(Click the image for more items with that pattern on pyrexlove.com)


Kim said...

I didn't even consider the fact that those who keep kosher can't buy vintage Pyrex but - yet another good reason for Pyrex to bring back the patterns. I don't understand why they stopped!

Bride2B said...

Wow...I have not seen those designs since I was a little gir.Thanks for the Déjà vu!