Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cutiepants (my future) Nephew

DoraBoy, JewishGuy's nephew, is turning 3 years old in October and he is a cutiepants.

SportyJew, JewishGuy's younger sister, just bought her dress for the wedding recently.  She was explaining that the dress was for our wedding to DoraBoy when she was trying it on for BigSIL (JewishGuy's older sister).

Later, they were listening to Rafi, and my name happened to come up in one of his songs.  I have one of those names that comes up relatively frequently in children's songs from the 20th century.  DoraBoy exclaimed, "Wedding!"

BigSIL and BigBIL were confused.

DoraBoy said, "[JewishGal] and [JewishGuy]!  Wedding!"

We have a fan :)

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