Sunday, January 11, 2009

JCrew! Dresses!! GRRR!! :(

JCrew just sent me an email saying that the dress I ordered from them that was scheduled to ship on Friday isn't going to ship until April! WHAT?? So I had to cancel that order. :( That was the one I liked the most.

So I ordered two more dresses from JCrew, this time overnight delivery, if they don't ship this week then I will cancel those orders, too, and will have to just decide between the two dresses I already have.

- ALSO, as a side note, my winter class voted to have off on inauguration day instead of MLK day, and I had scheduled to have my dress-trying-on-party on MLK day since a lot of people have that day off and my winter class is too intense to do it on a regular Sunday. SO I had to reschedule my dress party to the Sunday before (Jan 18), which is annoying, because Sundays are so precious. I am racing around trying to get supplies today and also I have to go to the studio to catch up for the hour I missed on Friday to get home before Shabbat. (Why am I posting, then? Good question...)

Anyway, the two new dresses are:

(I ordered this one in ivory)

Maybe it will work out after all because I actually think I like these more than the one I had originally picked out. So if these come in time I will have 4 dresses for my party, 3 long ones and 1 short one.


violarulz said...

I really like the short one!

Sarah Weingarden said...

I'm still a fan of that strapless one from JCrew. I hope that wasn't the one that you had to cancel. That would suck! :(

JewishGal said...

Actually the strapless one is from Nordstrom! And luckily it wasn't the one I had to cancel because that would be terrible :(

Sarah Weingarden said...

OOPS. I knew that dress was from Nordstrom! :)