Tuesday, January 13, 2009


YAY! They are done and they are soooooooo pretty :D

It's all one piece, tri-folded, and the last fold is perforated so it breaks off into a postcard. No inserts, no extra papers, no giant envelopes.

The extra little squares are tags that we are going to affix to programs/menus/whatever so that we can print the things at kinkos or somewhere not so expensive and then have a fancy touch :) They came with the invitations because there's extra space on the paper for those little squares.

Also we have matching thank-you stationary, which is just a single card (you can see it in the top picture). It has enough space for a short thank you, and is so nice I hope people keep them.

I love them because they are so pretty but not girly, and so different!


Kim said...

I really like them! modern but romantic.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these are so great! the primary red is gorgeous.

Daphna said...

They are so pretty! :)