Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Grandma & Grandpa Met

Today I visited my grandma after spending the weekend with JewishGuy's sisters and niece and nephew. It was a crazy weekend (I start class tomorrow)! While at early dinner / late lunch with grandma I asked how she and grandpa met and about their wedding. I'm going to rewrite the story here in the first person as best as I can remember it.


I had just come back from the army, I wasn't even back a week! My cousin invited me to go to a public dance - they had a lot of those back then - because she didn't want to go alone. We were there and sat waaaay in the back corner talking, I was telling her about the army, and a skinny guy carrying a beer walked past me. I had my leg out a little bit and I tripped him! He walked away and came back without the beer and asked me to dance. I thought he was maybe 20, he was so skinny.

But then when the night was over he said he would want to take me home but he was there with his sister so he had to take her home! I gave him my phone number instead. We started talking on the phone and we found out we had so much in common, and then I found out he graduated from college, and that was it. We were getting along so well that six months later we were married! I only had a few weeks and $300 to pull together a wedding. Most of the money went to the rabbi. There was a discount dress store across the street where I bought my wedding dress - it was aquamarine!


I really thought her dress was white! It's funny how the pictures and our expectations change reality.

It was really great to hear the story, I hadn't heard it before. It's funny how she said he was so skinny and looked really young! haha, but then she heard he had gone to college and that was it! awesome :)

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