Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hair pieces

Here are some hair pieces I like today. If I had a hair piece, it would go in after I take the veil off, between the ceremony and the reception. So I wouldn't wear two things at the same time. (All images are links to seller)

This is just what I like today from looking around on etsy... Yes, my coursework is done, you can tell because I am posting like crazy and don't feel guilty about spending the entire day looking at wedding stuff.

Right now my hair is really short and in the best haircut I think I've ever had. So I am going to keep my short hair and just put something pretty in it. I kind of like the headbands because there's little danger of them falling out.

On the other hand, I might not want anything at all.


Kim said...

I love the hairpiece idea, especially if you are going to keep your hair short! I have seen pictures of brides with unique hair pieces and it really stands out in the pictures.

Sarah Weingarden said...

I love that peacock feather one, Robin! You could probably make a really nice replica on your own with a headband and feathers from a craft store. Just need a hot glue gun, I think. Anyhow, just a thought. The colors in the feathers would be stunning with your coloring. :)

JewishGal said...

It's true, something as simple as that I could probably make myself haha

disa said...