Monday, December 29, 2008

Florist meeting!

The chuppah is going to be four bamboo poles (held by friends) with a white cloth on the top. JewishMIL is making it! At the corners there are going to be a couple of these pink & yellow daisies plus some greenery:

The rest of the flowers are going to be these white daises (and also some smaller, also white daisies):

The daisies will be mixed in with the felt and button flowers from Princess Lasertron (click flower for link to etsy shop):

Except the flowers will be in this color palette:

so... YAY!

I think I am going to have the bouquets be a mix of a couple of white gerbera daisies with the button flowers, mine having more button flowers than the bridesmaids'. I don't know if anyone else is having button flowers, it depends on what they want - I know my mom wants a button flower corsage but I don't know if anyone else wants, so I will have to ask :)

The centerpieces as they are right now (subject to review, I think) are going to be two white gerbera daisies and one button flower in one of three clear vase designs (ellipse, rectangle and square).

Also I want to have little tea lights on the tables with the centerpieces, I think that is pretty easy to coordinate.

Overall I think everything will be simple and fresh, I don't want to compete too much with the mansion.


Leah said...

love it! I used gerbera daisies for my wedding too... I would have used pinks and yellows if I'd been married in a different time of year. Anyway, conclusion, I LOVE IT. And the mothers and grandmothers normally love corsages ..

news articles said...

I like these because they are simple and flowy and pretty and come down to the ankle (ie: don't touch the floor so hopefully I won't trip) with no train.