Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hair pieces again

Lalala... looking at hair pieces on etsy on Christmas morning.

Two things I like:

1) The headband. Super easy for me to put in my hair, since I am planning on not wearing it during the ceremony (veil only) and then during yichud (the time when the bride and groom are alone together after the ceremony) I will take off the veil and stick something nice in my hair, like a nice headband.

2) The crown. I like this because it's also super easy, and also makes me look kind of like a woodland princess. I think it looks really fresh and playful.

I am looking at clips but clips and combs tend to annoy me because they slip around in my very fine hair and I end up having to constantly adjust or just take them out.

All the images are links to the seller but not the individual item. I've decided not to do that for etsy anymore because things tend to disappear and then I can't find the seller again!

Anyway, I think I can go a little elaborate on the hair piece, since I won't be wearing any jewelry except the wedding ring and my dress is going to be as simple as it gets.

ALSO NOTE... these are custom made pieces, none of these are actually for sale, if I wanted something like this I would talk to the seller and design my own piece.

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