Monday, October 6, 2008

Long Time No Post

Well, it's really been a long time since I've done a wedding post.  Basically, I am overloaded with grad work, so I have pretty much given everything away that I can give away for other people to do.  I am immensely grateful for the stepping-in of family and future-family!  I don't know how this would happen if it were just up to JewishGuy and me, seeing as how we are both working our butts off and JewishGuy is traveling at an average every other week.

However, things are getting done.  My mom is working with a florist for various arrangements, JewishMIL is going to MAKE the chuppah (woo!), we are going to do our own centerpieces, we've booked our print media contract (OrangeBeautiful, check them out, they are awesome).  We've made some decisions, like no wedding cake but heaps of desserts.  People are volunteering for Torah reading, JewishGuy is doing the Haftorah, for our aufruf.

Still have no dress!

And on and on.  One day I will be finished with the major assignments and I can go back to posting!