Thursday, October 30, 2008


OK Here is my conundrum.

Someone else in my program is getting married before me and she invited the whole class.  That was really nice of her!  I am definitely going to the reception, the ceremony unfortunately is still on Shabbat and I can't get there (but the reception is after Shabbat, so I can make it!).  The thing is, she is getting married in Chicago, so it's different, kind of?  I'll explain.

Our wedding is in Maryland.  There is a good chance most people in my program won't be able to make it because flying is too expensive and it's a 12 hour drive.  Plus, on top of that, the hotel costs, etc.

So then, should I invite everyone in my program, or just the people I am close with?  We are having numbers issues, and are cutting back on invitees because we are running out of space.  I don't want to invite the whole program because we just don't have room for many more people.  I don't want to invite select people for the reason that BECAUSE most people won't be able to come anyway, all that would accomplish is making some type of statement as to who my "real" friends are in the program.  Or, should I not invite anyone from the program (I don't really like this option, I have already become good friends with some of my classmates)?

On a positive note, a surprising number of our friends have already said they have booked hotels or flights!  People we were unsure of because of financial concerns are coming anyway!  How exciting!!  They are sharing hotel rooms, shacking up with friends in the area, etc.  Some are even coming for the whole weekend!


Valentina said...

That is ridiculous to invite all of the people in your program.

violarulz said...

just invite the people you want to see there, the rest will understand. And if they don't, they're petty and you wouldn't have wanted them there anyway!

Anonymous said...

i also think it's ridiculous to invite everybody in the program. who has a venue that big???

maybe you could make "i wanted to invite you, but am having over-invitation issues" cards so that the people in your program who don't get invited don't feel like you don't like them or anything.


Anonymous said...

I say invite who you want essentially it is your wedding!It is hard to decide between one's wants and proper etiquette!

Globetrottingbride said...

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