Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Wedding!!!

One of my favorite pictures so far, taken by one of JewishGuy's friends :)

The whole weekend was amazing, I can't even begin to describe it! I keep wanting to sit down and write a whole post, but I'm not sure how to do that. Should I break it down, day-by-day? Or should I just write one big EEEEEEE post?

So here goes, one big EEEEE post, to be followed up by other, smaller posts. A compromise, I guess!

Everything went perfectly, as far as I could tell! The bachelorette party was superfun, Shabbat was great and full of enthusiasm, and Sunday was just a blur of awesomeness. I remember looking around while people were eating on Sunday and saying to JewishGuy - I can't believe how perfect this is, everyone is so happy, the weather is beautiful, this place is beautiful, and it's so fun.

I kind of want to talk about Sunday first, so I will, and hopefully eventually I will come back to the rest of the weekend at some point.

All week we anxiously looked at and talked to our friend The Meteorologist for updates on the weather. Being March and DC, the weather could do whatever it wanted at a moment's notice. At the last minute we decided to hold the ceremony inside because thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon. No thunderstorms ever materialized, but it was beautiful inside and out. As you can see, the room was full of glass, so it was almost like being outside but without the bugs and wind.

Then we left and ate in a room by ourselves as friends banged on the door. When we came back, we were sent into the main room under a bridge of streamers!

During the dancing, someone came up to me and said "when you're in the chair, lean back!"


Suddenly I was shoved back into a chair and up above everyone's heads! It was really hilarious. JewishGuy and I did the thing where you hold the handkerchief between you. Awesome.

Then after more dancing, we were pushed back into two chairs and given water, streamers, glow sticks and leis. Our friends and family did some funny dances and schtik for us. It was awesome and so funny!

The rest of the night kept going just as fast, I don't think it slowed for a second. The speeches were great, JewishGuy and I played "The shoe game," which we kind of were hoping to play (thanks SportyJew :P). We took pictures with the various contingencies at the wedding - friends from other cities - and ate delicious food.

When it was over we went back to the hotel and hung out for a couple more hours ... then it was all over! How bizarre! It's over?

I'll write more about it later, shorter stories about specific things that happened. Now I'm kind of back in the real world and have massive papers and exams I have to recognize as being real and coming up.


violarulz said...

mazal tov!!!

PS- what venue were you married at? I'm coming home (for Passover next week and)to look at venues in the DC area and lots of windows was one of the dude's requirements. Not an easy request to fill in the land of the jumbo ballrooms!

JewishGal said...

send me your email address! i will give you contact info for the vendor and band if you want, or any other vendors you want. we had a FANTASTIC band, they played good simcha music and regular music and went with the flow really well (like when people were slowing down the music slowed down, it was good).

JewishGal said...

also we had an amazing caterer, the food was so good and you would never know the desserts were pareve haha

Daphna said...

Mazal Tov!

Everything looks wonderful, the dress, the flowers, everything... I love that you're laughing in the picture. That's perfect.

violarulz said...

ooooooooh, anything you're willing to share would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

deena jr @ g mail . com

you know, minus the spaces

violarulz said...

we're going to have a dairy/fish reception so that we can have ice cream sundaes instead of cake. the dude wants to light something on fire (baked alaska or bananas foster) instead of cutting a cake. who am I to say no to ice cream!?